Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Writing today...

The story is writing itself.

I let the heroine tell the story.

I try to keep my forceful hand out of her way.

I constantly am alert to her surroundings, the events that mold her.

I make notes on the page with red ink so I can go back later and flesh in parts of it.

I write and I don’t stop until the passage is finished.

I will heed the words of Stephen King that the worst thing a writer can do is stop writing because the process is too hard. That thought reminds me of advice from a local businessman, Vance Adams, 14 years ago: The person who fails gave up too soon.”

So, even if I am sitting here writing garbage, maybe it isn’t really garbage. I won’t know if I don’t follow through and finish what I have started.

How is your follow-through on your projects? Have you finished that rough draft yet? Are you working on revisions? Have you submitted? 

What are you waiting for?

(C) 2013 Cathy Thomas Brownfield ~ All Rights Reserved

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