Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Letter Days

It's turning into a red letter day. A broken romance in the family. A change in the way my publicist wages are paid so there is no direct deposit today. A disagreement with my spouse that caused him to storm out of the room threatening to pack his belongings and leave. And me yelling after him, "Do what you feel you have to do!" All within less than a 2-hour time span. Gee. I wonder what other good things are headed my way today? What happened to the biorhythms all of a sudden?

Sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it? Right now I want to scream. It wouldn't do any good. Why can't things operate smoothly around here? It might be better to put all of that pent-up emotion into one of my stories.

Last week a friend of mine (she also was my English prof and thesis project director), sent me a short story she wrote for a class. It was humorous and she thought I needed a good chuckle. I read the story. I did chuckle. And it reminded me of some things from my life. Then, on Saturday morning, I wrote a short story. A sweet romance of about 1,505 words for a market that pays $20 for romance up to 1,500 words. (Would you say I'm pushing my boundaries a bit?) I sent it to my friend who said, "I hope you're going to submit this." The next email from her was a link to a contest that awards $1,000 to the first place winner, among other things. So, I am submitting that short story to that market.

Since Saturday I have been writing short stories based on writer experiences in life. Awesome! I HOPE I'm on a roll because it sure would be a good thing right now.