Monday, May 21, 2012

Who would've thought after all these years...

            Have I got a story for you? Why, yes, yes, I do.
            I found a high school classmate at Facebook. Diane Taylor and I (Cathy Thomas back then), shared a locker our freshman and sophomore years. Diane enjoyed reading historical novels, as I recall. I read any work of fiction I could get my hands on, many from the list of recommended literature for the college preparatory classes—which I wasn’t assigned to. (I don’t know why I wasn’t.)
            Anyway, when we graduated from high school, I lost contact with many of my classmates, including Diane. A few weeks ago I found her on a friend’s FB page. I followed the link, requested her as a friend and discovered she lives in Sarasota, Florida, is a retired elementary school principal and is widowed. She also has just published her first work of fiction and is doing interviews and booksignings. She has a booksigning in Kent, Ohio on June 2. I’d like to go, plunk down my money, get an autographed copy of her book to add to my collection of autographed books and talk shop with her.
            Oh, yeah. I haven’t told her of my writing interests that are so similar to hers: women’s literature, romance and spirituality. How about THAT for the DAHS Class of 1971? You can read about Diane at
            Congrats, Diane Adams Taylor!  I’m thrilled for you and can’t wait for my turn!