Monday, May 27, 2013

Reading...and writing

How is your writing coming?

I made the 9-hour or so trip to see my youngest daughter and stayed with her for 15 days. Did I do much writing? No, but I did some reading. Stephen King, in On Writing, advises that reading is as important to writing as writing is. Look how much he has written! I guess he would have a pretty good idea about that.

I’m in the middle of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series…The Pillars of Creation. It’s actually book seven of 12, I think. He tells a good story. And I keep trying to figure out things like:

·         Is he telling the story of Ancient Greece?

·         Is the Keep actually the Bible? The U.S. Constitution?

·         Is this about paganism and the development of the patriarchal religions?

·         Or is it just a good story?

·         Is this what William Shakespeare did? Wrote his version of events in history?

·         How can I make these ideas work for me?

·         What happens if you read about an historical moment and using “what if” questions, set that story in a different time and place? Using poetic license what can happen on the page?

We can only try and see how it works. Let me know what happens with your experiment. Your comments are invited and welcome.

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Jay Hudson said...

Dale brought me a book I desperately needed for my CW research. He said "you've been working on that book the entire ten years I've known you and you say you have to do more research.Why don't you just fake it?"
I told him you can't fake a historical novel because most of the readers are up to date on the times in historical novels, especially a Civil War novel. they would spot fakery immediately, and probably throw the book away.