Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pass it on

My daughter (#3 of 4) has begun to plot a novel. It’s not her first. But with every story we start, we learn a little more about the process of writing. That’s what I’ve found, anyway, so I learn by trial and error. It is helpful when someone ahead of us on the writing path can help us along with their wisdom and knowledge that comes from their writerly journey.

So, I gave my daughter the benefit of what I know for certain: Write the entire rough draft before you think about editing. It’s tempting to edit as you go, but since I learned that the human brain is not wired to multi-task efficiently, I am now writing the complete first draft so I have a beginning, a middle and an end. I know a lot will change when I revise it. My first concern is a start-to-finish first/rough draft.

I like to immerse myself in the genre I want to write in to get a feel for what the publishers are looking for, what the readers enjoy most and what I most want to write. 

So, there is the beginning point. Just write. 

My current WIP (work in progress): the first draft is written. I am beginning revisions, referencing the notes to myself as I wrote the draft, questions that came to me as I wrote that draft. I’m building up my characters (development) as I create a stronger story line. I’m letting my characters speak and using my knowledge and skill to write the story, just as I used to write the stories of the people I interviewed in my print journalism days. I was the conduit that got their spoken words translated into newsprint and ink. I find the best way I can to present their stories.

Go ahead. Give it a go!

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