Monday, July 02, 2007


Can one do too much research for a novel? I've enlisted the help of a friend to find information for me on a couple of my WIPs (Works In Progress). There's a ton of stuff and I appreciate the time he's put into finding this information for me. It is saving me a bunch of time. I'm thinking, though, that different lengths of research are needed for different genres of writing.

Non-fiction: the more facts the better.

Romance: The bottom line of the whole story is the relationship between the hero and heroine. So the facts are less important than the relationship. That being so, I think that I don't have to go into great detail about the heroine's job like I would for a mainstream or literary novel where the job and the romance are pertinent to the story line.

On the other hand, Titanic, the movie that made out very well financially, was considered a "romance" story. Hm...yes, it was more romance...

Back to work...

Well, after I share this bit of news. Carolyn Garriott, author of Shadow of the Cross, met with a movie producer in California while she was promoting her book at booksignings in June. Carolyn was hoping to be a consultant on the making of the film. But she is writing the screenplay. I'm thrilled for Carolyn!!

Now, back to work.

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