Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am Senior Living editor at Bella Online. I met a veterans' service representative through my work there. He is a sergeant retired. I asked him about ICE and if they would be the right government organization to find the information I need for the career of the heroin in my novel. He came through like gang busters!!! I have plenty to read tonight.

I spent much of today trying to write an article for FRC. Then, just less than half an hour ago I realized that the article already is written and sent. I don't have to worry about writing an article tonight! Yes! So I can focus on the research reading and novel editing. Yes!

I have imposed a July 16 deadline for completing this novel. Carl asked if I would still want to read any information he can obtain from his contacts. Will I really have the book done by July 16? I want to, but the days are ticking off and I'm not getting close enough to finished.

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