Friday, April 20, 2007

Storm of a different nature ~ Interview with Joyce A. Anthony

Joyce Anthony and I met through an online writer support group, MomWriters. She and I were writing novels at the same time last year. Joyce has finished hers and published it in March. For me, I'm still writing. And I'll get there. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming Joyce to my blog to talk about her new release, Storm by Joyce A. Anthony.

CB: What message does Storm send to the reader? What is the theme of the book?

JA: We are so quick to judge, both ourselves and others. Yet those we judge are not always as we see them. There is a greater depth we must explore. Everyone has a story, and we must take the time to know that story.

CB: What is the one thing that would/should draw someone to read Storm?

JA: Readers will find within the pages of Storm at least one person they know. It is a story they will find recognition worldwide. The themes, the characters, are universal. Anyone who seeks to understand basic human conditions will find answers within the pages of Storm.

CB: I believe this is a Christian fantasy. What about it would make it appealing to other belief systems?

JA: I write from a Christian perspective, but the spiritual messages portrayed within the pages of Storm are universal--love, pain, understanding, acceptance, and faith. Storm does not preach nor try to convert. It is for anyone who seeks to love and understand his fellow human beings and himself.

CB: Who has influenced your writing style the most? Why?

JA: I think my two favorite authors have found a way into this book. Rod Serling always challenged his readers to see that "reality" as we know it is often not as it appears. Richard Bach challenges a reader to go within himself and examine all he knows or thinks he knows. I believe Storm contains a bit of both these elements.

CB: What inspired this story?

JA: The story developed over tiime, from a brief glimpse of a man years ago, to a dream and a question by another writer. All of the characters deal with things I have seen throughout the years, all togehter, the elements joined and created this book.

CB: You are donating a portion of your royalties to a child abuse prevention website. Does the novel have much to do with that topic?

JA: One character, Jane, is an abused child. Her story is important, but not any more so than all the others. I chose StopItNow because they are a group I feel is doing a necessary task, and approaching the matter in a unique way. I would love to have included a charity from each of these issues, but, having to choose one, I chose the one that is closest to my heart and has been since before Storm was born.

CB: Is there a question you hoped would be asked and wasn't?

JA: I think you covered quite a bit, Cathy. These were great questions. What I'd like to do is invite your readers to visit my website to learn more about Storm. Thank you for having me here today.

You can read more about Joyce and her book, Storm, at


Anonymous said...


You asked some great questions. Storm is awesome!!! The author is also awesome. As I read this post I saw your others. You write very well, and a lot. Keep writing like this and you'll have your novels. Hurry because I am anxiously awaiting to review them!!


JanetElaineSmith said...

Good job to both of you. You know I adore Storm, and Cathy, you asked a couple of very good insightful questions.
Good luck on the book, Joyce, and Cathy, here's to finishing yours! Keep on keeping on!
Janet Elaine Smith, author

Jay Hudson said...

Oops! Sorry,I thought this was the stationary isle.Looking for a notebook to write my memoirs in.
Found this nice interview instead.
Think I'll sip an arctic orange shake and read about Storm.