Saturday, November 12, 2005

The only thing that's constant is change

Geesh! I've GOT to get some things organized so I'm posting regularly. By the time I walk away from my work at the end of the day I'm falling into bed and never giving the blog a thought!

Here's the deal with my novel:

I am not NANOing, though I know that many of my writer colleagues and friends are. I'm having trouble keeping up with the activities at the MWNovel Challenge! I'm not participating much in the activities, however, being on that list helps keep me motivated to write. I'm being more accountable to myself.

Then there is a writer friend, Jay. He set a Thanksgiving deadline for my novel. He is so sure that I can do this that I don't want to disappoint him, so I am writing this novel. This week has been a bust, however, with one thing and another: Election Day was Tuesday. Family stuff, too. A meth lab training session was held Wednesday for the agency for which I am publicist. I attended that and spent the second half of the day writing articles about the training for the newspapers because it is so important that the public be informed/educated about methamphetamine labs which are growing in number every day and are a serious problem. Columbiana County Prosecutor Robert Herron advised, "Metamphetamine is a plague that's coming."

Friday I went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh to view the Bog People Exhibit. Wow. It fit in perfectly for a story I wrote that took third place in a writing contest and which I'm converting to a Christian fantasy novel. If the bog people exhibition comes to your area, it's worth the $5 extra for admission. If my Christian fantasy novel ever comes to your area, buy it. :-)

Today I have cleaning to do. We're finally having the floor replaced in the downstairs bathroom. YES! Tomorrow is Sunday. Monday I have to go with my dad to see his new lung specialist. And Tuesday I have an appointment an hour from here. If I'm going to do any writing before Wednesday, I guess it'll have to be on the run or late at night when DH is working or sleeping.

That's going to make finishing my novel by Thanksgiving tight. Only a week...

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MysteryKnitter said...

No way! You won't make it on time!